ETHICS As leaders in compliance with federal and state governments, GLSI was founded with the knowledge and goals that Ethics is the most fundamental part for business success. As such, our motto to our clients is to do as we do, taking into account all aspects that are vital to our clients. We also understand that looking for solutions means analyzing all venues from the financial, legal, to ethical standpoint. As such we follow all required rules and regulations, including The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), and any agency specific regulation such as as DFAR, AIDAR, and other regulatory entities. For matters of accounting processes and regulations we follow GAAP (General Accounting Accepted Principles) if there is a need for any deviation, we then analyze all impacts related before providing a solution for our clients. Ethics is part of the core imprint that is insisted as part of our consultants. We have an open mind to all suggestions and they are all tested against any core basis of how a regulatory body would interpret or understand the solutions. We have close relations with our attorneys who are also experts in government contracting matters and we create solutions for our clients that are based on common sense, understanding, and cost effectiveness. As such in many cases the solutions we provide are based on a long standing creation of trust based on methods proven be audit-able and can be tracked without any major issue. At GL Solutions we believe that being pro-active is the best solution and also serves as a way to reduce costs in both, short and long term basis while creating a track record that is verifiable and sustainable for our clients.
On receiving a DCAA letter of approval: "Finally! . . . We now have an adequate accounting system." OUTSTANDING!!! Let's celebrate. J.H. & L.A.
Data Tactics Corporation was one of the very first clients for GL Solutions. When we were approach by Data Tactics they have all system in place, several contracts, and were in the middle of a DCAA audit. GL Solutions management team was able to restructure, reconfigure the entire system so they can work seamlessly for all employees improving and establishing full trust on all electronic system such as timesheets, expense report management, client billings as well as contract management. This also resulted in a full approval from DCAA and DCMA after several months of weekly auditing to received a full approval that allowed Data Tactics to grow fast, with solid profits and trust from different Federal Government agencies. Data Tactics was successfully sold to L3 Corporation who later sold the group to CACI.
"We originally hired GL Solutions to implement Deltek GCS & T&E in 201x. Subsequent to a flawless implementation, we retained them to assists us with our Timekeeping and Accounting system, prepare and file our Incurred Cost Submission Report on an annual basis, and provide project support on Cost Plus Fixed Fee contracts. The GL Solution team has also supported us in other areas, such as issuing and managing subcontracts, developing pricing for RFP’s and providing support during DCAA audits. The GL Solutions team is very courteous and professional, always answers the phone call/email and helps resolve pressing issues in a timely manner." Ms. Smita Poudrier


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