PHILOSOPHY Working with GLSI At GLSI, we have a philosophy that we need and must be beneficial to our clients. In this way, we know that our services are constantly providing value to your business. This is also embedded in our work approach that must always be a win-win situation. We accomplish this by analyzing all business propositions in a four-phase process to determine the scope of services while providing our clients with a clear understanding of the value of contracting with GL-Solutions, Inc.
Phase I: Discovery In discovery, we identify a prospective client’s likely business situation, problems, and objectives that will help us identify the value our solutions will offer. There is no monetary exchange for this phase, as we are fact finding and learning from each other. Phase II: Diagnose In this phase we start to develop a value agreement by identifying and quantifying the nature of the issues and placing a monetary value to your company’s problem(s). This will help us understand the necessary changes, realizing the potential Return on Investment (ROI), and how long it will take to see results. There is no monetary exchange for this phase, unless it is agreed that this phase will take too long and we should proceed to the next phase to reach an agreement. Phase III: Design In the operational design and alignment phase we outline a solution to the issues found in Phase II. We will then draft a proposal for engagement, and milestone transition dates, then discuss how to proceed. There is no monetary exchange for this phase, as we are discussing the appropriate approach for both companies.
Phase IV: Delivery – Measurement & Results If there is an agreement on Phase III, a final agreement is reached. A mutually agreed monetary exchange then takes place for the services to be provided with the agreed implementation plan.
Ethics: Doing things right! "Through many years of experience in business I came to understand that ethics is at the forefront of any business endeavor. As such providing the very best to each client and customer at the highest quality for a reasonable price and profit (as Mr. J. Robert Beyster Founder of SAIC said) shall always be at the forefront of any transaction and business. Client’s understand very well when you are providing the best. That is what makes success possible." - Gregory Llinas


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