Services GL-Solutions, Inc. was founded with the principle of helping Government Contractors to achieve maximum efficiency and operations while implementing cost saving strategies for their business. GL-Solutions founder, Mr. Gregory Llinas, was the Chief Financial Officer of several now successful Government Contracting firms, aiding all of them to achieve their owners desired results, competency and successful operational goals. Our managers also have analyzed and worked with many government contractors to help them structure and redefine company departments, responsibilities, and capacities of Chief Operating Officers, Controllers, and other functions including Human Resources, Contract Management and Information Technology Infrastructure Support. GLSI managers have successfully implemented processes that have resulted in the restructure and re-organization of our business clients, allowing real efficiency and return on investment (ROI) of the dollars invested on our consulting businesses. We bring balance to the organization by focusing mainly on the areas of support operations. We understand that processes are cyclical and as such, cannot be stopped but rather need to be improved while the processes continue in motion. Because we understand this cycle and its sensitivity we provide smooth and seamless implementation approaches to our consulting that create little to no distraction while allowing real improvement. GLSI can provide consulting and support services to Federal Government Contractors, State and Local Government as well as Government Contractors. All services can be provided as: Time and Material basis (T&M) Fixed Price (FFP) Cost-Plus (CPFF)
Federal Government
State and Local Government
Government Contractors

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