Operating as a Sustainable Green Company Since Inception GL-Solutions, Inc. was founded and created with the goal of maximizing effectiveness and efficiency for its clients, employees, and the environment. We demonstrate that commitment by constantly seeking ways to improve our operations and processes. Here are some of the ways in which we apply our commitments in being greener in everything we do: Areas of Efficiency
EMPLOYEES Reducing unnecessary commuting allows our employees to focus on delivering results to the clients regardless of their location. The flexibility allows our employees to commute only when necessary. They save money and time, the flexibility gives them better work/life balance, and they are happy to focus on serving the clients’ needs. Our employees can take pride in the fact that they are cost-effective and the company is cost-effective, thus being more sustainable and responsible.
ENVIRONMENT By minimizing our resource use we reduce our burden upon the environment and lower the environmental impact of doing business. By minimizing all areas of resource consumption we reduce the environmental impact of our business activities to the lowest level possible.
Flexible Work Spaces By not using fixed work station and permanent office spaces we eliminated resource consumption costs and the associated environmental footprint.
Efficient Use of High-Technology GL-Solutions uses computer cloud services, software, and communication resources in a cost-effective way, thus reducing the need for all unnecessary activities and resources: maintenance cost, space, constant investment in technology, travel, meetings, and extra office supplies/printing needs.
Benefits to Client We pass our cost savings to our clients in a couple of ways: our lower overhead and operating costs lead to lower fees that we charge our clients, plus we can easily spot areas of inefficiencies and share those insights with our clients so they can also reduce unnecessary expenditures. Our efficient use of resources allows us to share that knowledge with our clients and help them also become more efficient.


We strive to be responsible stewards of all the resources whether they belong to ourselves, our clients, or to the environment around us. As we continue to grow, we will do our part in supporting our community as well.

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